Guiding Noble Children: Celebrations!

Dr. Paul Epstein

Do you think of yourself as a global citizen? I do, but perhaps I am not, according to current media which depicts global citizens who are responsible for the impact of their actions on the world. They say global citizens study the cultures and histories of others, reduce their carbon footprints, and engage in cooperative, transnational efforts to stop poverty, disease, extinction, starvation, violence, war, climate change, wealth inequality, and gender inequality.

These are necessary, urgent activities, and there are others too. Yet I believe we are truly global citizens because we guide noble Montessori children who are respectful, caring, and cheerful. We lead noble children who have a deep love for learning and an insatiable desire to make a difference. In the words of one noble Montessori student: “We are taught to ask the question, how can I make the world a better place? The Montessori curriculum teaches a higher purpose …. The Montessori curriculum has taught me to strive to do noble works.”

During this keynote conversation, Paul Epstein celebrates our privileged work in shaping global citizens, along with the achievements of some incredibly noble and global Montessori children. Together, we are making the world a better place!


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