Anticipate, Participate, Cooperate…Toddlers Find Power Through Collaboration

Lorna McGrath

Working with toddlers can be a heartwarming experience as well as a challenging one at times. In this workshop, Lorna McGrath will explore effective ways of communicating and responding to toddlers that will allow them to be independent while sidestepping some of the power struggles and tantrums. Dr. Montessori emphasized the importance of developing minds who will go on to build mankind, and how children can only use the tools that we choose to equip them with; absorbing positive emotional regulation must be embedded in educating the youngest of our communities. Discussions will focus on expressive and receptive language development as well as social and emotional development at this tender yet critical age. Participants will have opportunities for small group discussions in which they will examine classroom scenarios and brainstorm ideas for working with toddlers.