Cosmic Education Classroom Best Practices

Teresa Tsai

This presentation examines the integration of the various subjects within the scope of the second plane child’s Cosmic Education, the theme of the Montessori 6-12 curriculum and what Dr. Montessori defined as an “unifying global and universal view[s] of the past, present and future.” Classroom practices must meet the unique psychological needs of the children in this age group; children who have transitioned from the sensorial capabilities of the Absorbent Mind and are ready to develop their Reasoning Mind, which is characterised by tremendous learning powers and fuelled by their boundless imagination! This is their time to discover a global vision and understanding of their universe. Teresa Tsai shares her insight into the Montessori education approach, and her joyful experiences with the motivated learning of children. This is a testament to Dr. Montessori’s lifelong commitment to, and belief in, the universal child: both a hope and a promise for humankind.