The Story and Teaching of Time

Tim Seldin 

This two-part workshop focuses on the specific exercises that form the child’s understanding of the concept of time in history, referred to in Tim Seldin’s The World in the Palm of Her Hand: The Montessori Approach to Introducing History and Geography to the Young Child. Seldin explains how young children begin life in a constant state of “now,” with little sense of anything beyond this moment and their immediate desires. If the common goal of Montessori and global education is to support the child to understand and appreciate their world, and to participate in it confidently and independently, the understanding of time and their own place in history is of utmost importance. Participants will learn how to arrange and present activities that will assist the child to notice the passage of time, and then to achieve the abstract units of time through the use of sundials, sand glasses, and timelines. Also, expand your repertoire with dramatised and project-based activities that will stimulate research questions and provide opportunities for higher level thinking skills, problem solving, teamwork, and cooperative learning; all indispensable strengths of the global citizen.